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DPS Bokaro organises ‘Star Chef Competition’ Promoting Holistic Learning

Bokar(Khaber Aajtak) : In a bid to foster holistic development along with quality education, ‘Star Chef Competition’ was organized at DPS Bokaro today. The judges for the competition included culinary specialists Manisha Srivastava and Ravi Kumar Gupta. The event saw enthusiastic participation from students across all six houses. Displaying their culinary skills, students showcased their expertise in fireless and induction based cooking. Students also crafted a unique name for their dishes and shakes.
The competition was divided into two groups: Junior and Senior. Each group consisted of three students including boys and girls.
“Fearless Cooking” dishes prepared by the junior students of Classes VI to VIII included a diverse range of nutritious and innovative recipes while the “Induction-based Cooking” category featured an array of delectable dishes prepared by senior students.
The dishes prepared received commendation for their taste, innovation, nutritional value, time management, and presentation.
The program commenced with students presenting saplings to the judges. In the address the judges praised the students’ presentations and the school’s efforts towards the holistic development of children.
Principal, Dr. A.S. Gangwar, emphasized on the importance of such events alongside quality education for the overall development of students.
He shared that such competitions not only promote culinary talents but also emphasize the importance of nutrition, innovation, and overall development among students, contributing to their well-rounded growth.
He focused on the symbiotic relationship between quality education and extracurricular endeavours and envisioned a future where students embrace diverse career paths, including the opportunities in the culinary arts.

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