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ESL Steel Limited employees visited Old Age Home to spread Hope and Smiles

Bokaro (Khaber Aajtak) : On Thursday ESL Steel Limited, a Vedanta Group Company, is a leading integrated steel producer of India which always, is and will continue to work tirelessly for the benefit & welfare of the society and community in areas where it is present. We have been felicitated with numerous awards from various national / international governmental and NGOs for our commitment to societal and community development endeavours.

In line with our commitment to the community we are present in around 45 ESL Steel Limited employees visited Chas-based Baba Baidyanath Jan Seva Samiti’s Old Age Home to spend time with the residents there and also to spread hope and smiles. The initiative was taken under the aegis of “V FOR SOCIETY”- an Employee Volunteering initiative of ESL Steel Limited’s CSR department.

Today’s visit by the ESL employees visiting the Old Age Home to share happiness as well as their time with the residents coincided with the UN declared International Day of Families. The declaration of 15th May as the International Day of Families reflects the importance the international community attaches to families. ESL Steel Limited too motivates its employees to inculcate and nurture strong family values and the ever-accommodating cultural ethos of this great country.

Started quite recently in the year 2019, Baba Baidynath Jan Seva Samiti Aashram is an NGO which has been created for the noble cause of looking after old age people in our society who are abandoned or have no one to call their own. The NGOs mission is to provide a roof over the heads of the elders who are in critical need, destitute, sick, abandoned by their families or those uprooted by disasters; so that no elderly ever needs to stay homeless or on the streets.

The ESL employees played some fun games to engage the elderly and some were seen engaging in heart-felt talks with the residents of the Old Age Home. Most employees were very happy after the session and some even planned to visit the centre again soon.

Apart from the this the ESL employees shared various items of need with them, including Dry Ration, Hygiene & Sanitation products, Eatables, Clothes & bedding, Toiletries and other products of need for the elderly enough for more than a couple of months usage. These items was collectively contributed for or collected by the volunteers of “V FOR SOCIETY” within ESL Steel Limited. Shri Anjani Kumar Rupak, President and Shri P N Lal, General Secretary of the NGO received the gifts and handed it over to Chandan Jaiswal; Diwakar Singh; Shashi Shekhar; Manish, Dipali, Ranjeet and Rekha to be further distributed amongst the residents or to be kept for future usage.

Mr. Ashish Ranjan, Head, CSR, ER & PR, ESL Steel Limited said on the occasion, “As we commemorate the International Day of Families, Vedanta ESL reaffirms its commitment to fostering intergenerational bonds and community cohesion. Our dedication to holistic development extends beyond our operations, as evidenced by our robust employee volunteering programs. Through these initiatives, we empower our workforce to actively contribute to the betterment of society, particularly in enriching the lives of our cherished companions in old age homes. Today, as we celebrate the importance of family, Vedanta ESL stands proud in our ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and caring world for all.”

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