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More than 500 people attended the Annual Jalsa of Jamia Dar-ul-Qirat Boys Madrassa

BOKARO (KHABER AAJTAK) : Even highly inclement weather could not deter more than 500 people to attend the Annual Jalsa at the Madrassa in Madhuniya Village of Chas Block of Bokaro District. The Annual Jalsa of Madrassa Jamia Dar-ul-Qirat was organized on the last day of yearly course before the students get their annual holidays for Ramzan and Eid-ul-Fitr.
The Madrassa which was established in the year 2016 (closed for years dues to Covid), and now imparts knowledge to its students in Islamic religious studies, apart from teaching them Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Geography. The Madrassa Jamia Dar-ul-Qirat which is a boys only residential institution was founded with the aim of not letting the boys become vagabonds in Madhuniya and the nearby villages.
Nazim (similar to a Principal of a School) of Madrassa Jamia Dar-ul-Qirat Maulana Asiruddin Ansari said “we have now more than 100 students studying at our institution. Out of these 27 students use our residential hostels and they are coming from far and wide – some are from Madhupur and some from even West Bengal.” The Nazim has been leading the villagers in their daily prayers as their Imam at the local mosque for over 33 years and hence is highly respected and knowledgeable to lead the Madrassa.
Haji Qurban Ansari, the General Secretary, President and Founder of the Madrassa is a 73 year old senior citizen who visits the Madrassa daily since its inception. He says, “Our Village Madhuniya already had a Maktab which imparts excellent religious studies to its girls since 1987. So we formed a committee of 15 people, out of which only 5 are from the village, and rest 10 members are from the neighbouring villages and we pooled our resources to establish this institution.”
Haji Qurban continues, “The great news is that all the Madrassa students are also taking formal education at Government Schools – it is the extra time which they used to while away which is now being invested into studying at the Madrassa. Currently more than 30 students are from the nearby villages which shows how well our teachers are teaching.”
The Madrassa, with a sprawling campus of approx. half acre, has 5 teachers, a cook and a Guard who are on the rolls but many services are being provided by the villagers’ pro-bono.

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